Why in B&W?
I take pictures in B&W because it helps me compose better, all those colours distract me.

Manual or Automatic Focus?
I use manual focus, it's like if 'you use automatic focus you are giving someone else the authority of your life.'You should be the one controlling the focus of your pictures.

The spaces?
I like creating spaces in my pictures it represents that I have time and energy to fill them in whatever way I want.

Upside down?
I feel the world is flipped, it's not simple anymore. Everything has a price and  a lot of effort involved. I twist them intentionally while I take them, not in post production. I feel like I overthink things and make them complicated, it shows my paranoia and that  I am very narrow with trusting people.

The shadows?
There is always a shadow in my pictures. I am a friendly person, but I never reveal certain traits to anyone no matter what. I am very cryptic.

The contrast?
My extreme personality calls for creating pictures in high contrast and also that most of the time my subjects are on the sides.
My pictures do not necessarily present any of the traits that people can observe in me; it only represents the vague traits of my personality!
I do not share them with anyone, hence 'They are the inspiration of my pictures not any photographer.'

Tarvika Singh, Photographer
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