Tarvika Singh was born in Agra, India in 1992. She moved around a lot during her childhood – a reality that now inspires her to portray the struggles of daily life in her photographs.

She works with digital photography and has a keen eye for architecture as well. She graduated from ICG, Jaipur, India with a Bachelors in Science in Fashion Technology.

In 2015, she moved to Madrid to pursue her Master’s in Professional Photography from IED Madrid (2015-2016) , Spain. She has also completed a Master’s course in Foto Libro in Madrid from Blank Paper Escuela.

The final project for which culminated in a printed book relating to her ongoing project “Faceless Beings” (2016). She subsequently went on to complete an additional Master’s course in Post Production from Workshop Experience, Madrid (2017-2018).

As a lover of travel her exposure to myriad cultures and art forms has helped her find her own unique style of photography and opened her mind to experimentation as a means of discovering new perspectives and angles.

Tarvika has had several of her works featured in both online photography magazines (Le Cool Madrid) and numerous school magazines. She works primarily with short term projects depicting daily life, emotions and struggles with mental health. She is currently working on her long term ongoing project “Faceless Beings”.